Housework is a dirty business. If you are like most homes, you dealing with work, family, and other priorities that can make cleaning your home properly a challenge and one that you would prefer to avoid. There are thousands of cleaning services to choose from, ready and willing to do the work for you, but […]

The Heart Of Your Sanctuary – Your Bedroom

The bedroom should be the oasis within your sanctuary. The place where you can truly relax unwind and forget about the day. It should give off an air of calm peace and tranquillity. Using Max Luscher’s colour test theory, the most relaxing colour is green. It is the colour of balance and gives the feel […]

Kitchens Are Made For Bringing Families Together

Kitchens Are Made For Bringing Families Together We use our kitchens in many ways today. It is fast becoming the main family living space, where we congregate and interact with each other. Most people now have a table in their kitchens, allowing them to use this space as an informal dining area, homework/office space, art […]

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