Terms & Conditions

The Housewife Way makes the commitment to its clients to:
Be professional at all times
Arrive on the agreed day
All Housewife Way staff will be trained and Insured
Housewife Way staff will look presentable and tidy
All Housewife Way staff are required to sign a confidentiality disclosure form to protect your privacy
The Housewife Way will aim to always answer any queries within 24 working hours
The Housewife Way will clean at its professional standards, But will not redo a room due to occupiers making mess while The Housewife way is on the premises
The Housewife way will ensure all invoices are sent on time and accurate
The Housewife way will ensure that all keys are kept in a secured locked key lock that is kept at The Housewife Way owners home Debbie Mann
In the unlikely event of a key being loss, The Housewife way will pay for locksmiths to replace the keys.

What the Housewife Way asks from their clients:
The client must ensure that The Housewife Way can access the property, this can be done by giving The Housewife Way a key or someone must be available to let The Housewife Way in.  (In the event that The Housewife way cannot access property on agreed date, the fee of the clean scheduled will still be charged.)
The clients must ensure that prior to the clean all products are available and ready for clean (this list will be provided on confirmation of start date) unless agreed otherwise.
Under Health and Safety The clients must supervise any children present
The Client must not asked any member of The Housewife way to undertake any work that could endanger their safety
The Client must follow all terms and conditions set out here in

Types of cleans The Housewife way offer:
Deep Spring Clean (minimum duration is 5 hours dependent on size of property. The Client is also asked to provide a task list)
End of Tenancy Clean (minimum duration is 5 hours dependent on size of property. The Client is also asked to provide a task list)
Regular domestic clean (The frequency of cleans will be arranged between The Housewife way and the client)

1. Prices and Payment terms
1.1 The Housewife Way fees start from £25 per clean. Saturdays are charged are £15 per hour. Sundays are charged at £25 per hour
1.2 A consultation and quote will be provided, and client must agree to quote prior to a start date being confirmed.
1.3 Payments can be paid via Bank Transfer, Direct Debit or cash. Details are provided on monthly invoices.
1.4 Payment must be made within 7 days of the issue of an invoice, which will be sent out the 3rd week of every month.
1.5 Failure to pay when due will result in interest being charged at a rate of 10% of bill per day.
1.6 In the event of nonpayment of an invoice, and a further invoice is issued, a fee of 25% will be added to your next bill, together with interest due as referred to above at the discretion of The Housewife Way.
1.7 Failure to pay two consecutive invoices will result in The Housewife Way ceasing to clean until payment plus interest and other charges due are paid in full.

2. Cancellations
2.1 In the event of any unforeseen circumstances or natural disasters, should The Housewife Way be unable to attend the scheduled appointment or the client has to cancel due to the above reasons, The Housewife way will waiver any fees at its discretion.
2.2 The Client must give The Housewife Way 72 hours prior notice to cancel any scheduled cleans or reschedule, if this is not done 100% of the scheduled clean will be charged.
2.3 If the client wishes to terminate this agreement with The Housewife way. 30 days’ notice must be given in writing or a payment of 4 weeks clean if services are required to cease immediately.
2.4 If The Housewife Way wishes to terminate this agreement. 30 days’ notice must be given in writing.
2.5 If the clients regular cleaner is unable to do clean. Either Debbie Mann (owner) or Dena Earl (manager) will cover the clean if it cannot be rearranged.
2.6 Unless written cancellation confirmation is received within 30 days of the terms and conditions end date. Terms and Conditions will automatically be renewed for the same terms, although the Housewife way wants to keep prices at a low for our loyal and new customers we promise our fees will never exceed 10% rise of the previous terms and conditions.

3. Complaints
3.1 In the event of a complaint regarding a clean, the client should contact The Housewife Way within 24 hours of the scheduled clean. This must be done by Email or in Writing.
3.2 In the event of a complaint regarding The Housewife Way staff. This must be in writing/email with the name of the member of staff in question.
3.3 The Housewife way Owner or Manager will endeavor to respond within 72 hours.

4. Holidays
4.1 The Housewife Way likes to make sure that our own lives do not affect those of our clients. Therefore The Housewife way only takes 2 weeks of over the Christmas period and clients will be notified within one working month of the dates.
4.2 Clients are expected to give one months’ notice of any scheduled cleans not required due to any holiday. If The Housewife Way is not given the required notified the client will be charged their normal rate for the scheduled clean

5. Referral Credit
If a client refers The Housewife Way and as a result The Housewife Way achieves 4 consecutive cleans, the client will then receive a £10 credit to use against any scheduled future cleans
The Housewife Way prides itself on being a friendly and hardworking company. The Housewife Way will always add that personal touch. If you require something different that is not mentioned in the agreement or on the check list. Please do ask and we will do our best to accommodate. Please note that additional charges may be payable for additional work.
This agreement is for the period of 12 months
This contract, constitutes the entire agreement between the parties and may not be amended or charged unless done so in a writing signed by The Housewife Way and the client.
The undersigned represent(s) that they are authorized to sign and enter into this contract.
I hereby accept the above stated terms and conditions.

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