Other Services

As well as our standard packages we also offer the following services:

  • Ironing: £10 per hour
  • Linen change: Double £5.00
  • Linen change: Single £2.50
  • Extra room deep clean: £7.50


We can also offer stock take and replenishment of your personal household cleaning products at just £3 per month, plus the additional cost of the cleaning products bought.

We can keep track of the stock of your cleaning products and replenish them when needed. For this service, you will be charged a monthly service fee of £3 which will be added to your monthly invoice. When a product is bought for you, we simply add the additional cost of ordered products onto your monthly invoice. We will keep you informed of any products being ordered in for you and will keep you informed as to when we will be adding it your monthly invoice.

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