Silver Service


Silver starts from £35
2-3 Bedrooms, Bathroom/Shower Room, Kitchen, Lounge, Conservatory/Office/Playroom.
This service also includes a deep clean in one room per visit on a rotational basis.

Starts from £39
2-4 Bedrooms, Bathroom and Shower Room, Kitchen, Lounge, Conservatory and Office/Playroom.

Please note: Floors in all rooms will be hoovered/swept accordingly as standard and this will always also include cleaning for non-carpet flooring.

More specifics to each room are as follows:


Hob and exterior oven cleaning, as well as all devices and appliances, including microwave and extractor fan. Also includes sink cleaning and cleaning of all kitchen surfaces. The Silver service also includes the cleaning of the exterior of all cupboards and any tiles will be washed and buffed. There is also an added option of an inside fridge clean.


Dusting, including skirting boards, stair spindles, framed pictures and mirrors. Framed pictures and mirrors will also be polished. Any woodwork will be cleaned.


Dusting and polishing. Leather sofas will be cleaned and fabric sofas will be hoovered.


This includes cleaning of sink, bath and toilet, including the cistern and behind the toilet. Limescale removal and buffing also included.  Any tiles will be washed and buffed and any woodwork will be cleaned.


Dusting and polishing.


Dusting and polishing.

Please note: Anything left on floors will be placed in an easily located safe place, such as on a bed or table. Any blinds present in a room due for deep cleaning will be dusted and wiped and then dusted as part of a normal weekly clean. Linen changes and ironing can be added at an additional cost.

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